October is finally here and it’s that time of year Tulsa!  Family and Children Services presents Care Card Week. Tulsa Grill Store and Hasty-Bake Charcoal Grills are proud to announce that we will offer 20% off of any Hasty-Bake grills and branded products October 26, 2018- November 3, 2018, WITH your Care Card present.

There are more than 200 stores in the area that are participating so if you haven’t heard of this program, you’ve been missing out!  This is a great week to get some early Christmas shopping done, beat the crowds, etc.

You can purchase your Care Card at www.carecardok.com or stop by the Tulsa Grill Store to purchase your Care Card.  You have to purchase your card in advance and discounts are only valid by presenting the card at the time of purchase.

We encourage everyone to get one of these cards because not only are you saving money, but you are helping to save a life.  Lots of folks purchase during this time and then wait to pick up their items before Christmas.  If you are interested in doing something like this, contact us to see how long we are able to hold your items!

For the fine print:  Offer of 20% with your valid Care Card is only good on Hasty-Bake grills and branded products (including outdoor kitchen storage solutions). If you are building an outdoor kitchen, this is the perfect time to stock up on your outdoor kitchen needs such as doors and drawers.  The offer is not valid with any other offer or promotion and expires at close of business on 11/3/18.  Since Tulsa Grill Store/Hasty-Bake is not open on 11/4/18, the offer will expire on 11/3/18 for our store.