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    Hasty-Bake Gourmet Charcoal Ovens

    Hasty-Bake Gourmet Charcoal Ovens - Grill. Bake. Smoke

    Hasty-Bake Gourmet Charcoal Ovens allow you to grill, bake, and smoke all in the same unit WITHOUT having to move your food.  Made in the USA since 1948, this backyard BBQ pioneered the way for cooking over coals.  The adjustable firebox allows you to raise and lower your charcoal depending on the style of cooking you prefer.  Slow cooking a beautiful brisket or searing a steak, the opportunities are endless.

    Tulsa Grill Store is Hasty-Bake Headquarters with all units made in our fabrication shop right here in Tulsa, OK!  Hasty-Bake grills are sold all over the world!  Ditch the gas grills and get yourself a Hasty-Bake.

    Natural hardwood charcoal is recommended as the fuel of choice.  Hardwood charcoal are wood chunks that have been fired in a kiln without the presence of oxygen, making it a much more natural way of cooking.  Lighter fluid is a big no-no when it comes to these grills as it masks the true hardwood/bbq smoke flavor that Grant Hastings was going for all those years ago.  Not all charcoals are created equal.  Check out this cool video on How to Light Your Hasty-Bake.

    This grill comes equipped with an adjustable firebox, grease drain system, heat deflector (which allows for indirect cooking), and a front work table.  Most models also come with a side work table that fastens over the push handle.  These grills also come assembled and ready for their initial fire!

    An amazing feature on the Hasty-Bake is the full-size firedoor allowing you to add more fuel without having to move your food off of the grill surface.  Two air vents also help control the temperature.  Just raise both air vents open to allow air-flow (heating) or close them to cut off airflow (cooling).

    This grill will last for years and year with proper care.  Many times, customer come into our store saying that they still have their father or grandfather’s Hasty-Bake from the 50’s or 60’s.  This grill is definitely worth the investment.