Looking to create your outdoor oasis with a outdoor fire pit of your dreams? Look no further than Hearth Products Controls (HPC), a legacy of advanced safety technology. HPC the proven leader in design custom fire features and their control systems in many different shapes and sizes for residential home and commercial buildings in fire and water innovation. Outdoor fire pits serve as a focal point adding drama and value to your backyard extending the outdoor season, providing warmth on cool spring and fall nights. HPC Outdoor fire pits now available at the Tulsa Grill Store.

Gas Fire pits using liquid propane or natural gas provides definite advantages such no stray sparks, ignition is easy and immediate, warmth is constant, gas is clean and requires little maintenance, gas turns off instantly, and better environmentally. The ranges that the Tulsa Grill Store carry is 2 feet to 50 feet wide and from 50 thousand BTU’s or more. The broadest outdoor product line, including inserts, burners, bowls, covers, keys, enclosures and torches.

The Flame control options:

  • Match-Lit Flex Line- those who prefer the simplicity of manual technology (UL Certified)
  • Push Button Spark/Flame Sensing Flex Line- Fire pits without electricity
  • New Electronic Ignition- CSA Certified Electronic Ignition with high or low control options operated remotely via remote, wall switch, or Bluetooth technology.

Oklahoma Tulsa Grill Store is your number one source for outdoor fire pits, burners, inserts, and so much more!