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    Lynx Grills

    The "Rolls Royce" of grills, Lynx Professional Series

    Lynx Grills are what we like to consider the luxury grills with a luxury budget. These grills are fantastic at what they are designed to do, and that is to make grilling easy and fun.  The components are second to none and each specific part is designed with the user in mind.

    Lynx is high-end and will be in a higher price range than say, your Blaze Grills, but you get what you pay for.  The trident infrared burner allows you to go from 300-1000 degrees almost instantly and then back down to cook delicate proteins.  Crazy right?  Well, take our word for it… they work.  Also, you have the option of selecting different types of burners for your grill.

    The other burner option is a ceramic burner with radiant briquettes, that is designed to give you the most even cooking surface when it comes to hot spots.  The briquettes are designed to infuse the drippings back up into your meat.  You can customize how many of each burner you want in your grill, depending on your grill size, that will allow you to get the best of both worlds.

    Lynx also makes a fabulous table-top, built-in, or cart model pizza oven that runs off propane or natural gas.  We currently have one on display in the showroom.  It can crank out about 80 small pizzas in about 2 hours we were told by our distributor.

    At Tulsa Grill Store, we have a designated outdoor kitchen showroom and all of the appliances are Lynx, we absolutely LOVE Lynx grills and we know you will too.  Currently, we have the 36″ 1 Trident/2 Ceramic Burner Professional Grill, the Pizza Oven, a 30″ 1 Trident, 1 Ceramic Burner Built-In Pro Series Grill, and a 36″ ALL Trident Professional Grill on display.

    These grills come fully equipped with a hood-assist system, making the hood very lightweight, a rotisserie, rotisserie burner, grease drip system, hood lighting, and blue LED knob lighting.

    If you want a gas grill that will make an impact on your life, this is it!  You won’t be sorry, it is worth the extra money.