There is a common perception (one that is incorrect) that ALL charcoals are created equal.  Well, I wouldn’t start searching over the Declaration of Independence for this statement thinking that you will see it in there.  While all men are created equal, charcoal, my friends…. IS NOT!  There are many types of charcoal, but what we recommend is hardwood charcoal, a good seasoning, and of course quality groceries.

Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Hardwood Lump Charcoal

Hardwood charcoal is fired in kilns in the presence of little to no oxygen.  When it is done, it looks like the charred remains of a campfire.  You can see it in the photo…  The reason we love this product soooo much is because when you are ready to cook, you can literally start the cooking process as soon as the charcoal has caught fire.  You don’t have to burn through a bunch of nasty chemicals like a lot of other charcoals… (cough cough, no names mentioned).


Another product that we are proudly carrying, is a product that most of the general public freaks out about when they hear the word “BRIQUETTE” but we are here to tell you folks, briquettes are just a formation, a shape, not the actual products scientific make-up….. SO…. please welcome with a kind round of applause, the Royal Oak, Hardwood Briquette!  Yes, I said it… briquette.  What is so great about this product is the uniform shape of the hardwood.  This stuff is literally the same products you find in your Royal Oak lump charcoal bags.  What happens when they make hardwood lump is about 30% of the lump falls through a net and is deemed “too small to bag”, so they take that 30%, crush it, bind it with only cornstarch… YES THAT’S ALL, just cornstarch, and they press it into a briquette and VOILA!  A uniformly shaped hardwood charcoal that smolders and tends to burn a little longer than the lump.  It allows an awesome oxygen flow throughout the charcoal stack.  Pretty fancy huh….  Not sure where you can get it locally other than our store because it is currently being used for competitions and for restaurants only.

Royal Oak Hardwood Briquettes currently come in 17.5 bags for $11.99 and Royal Oak Premium Hardwood Lump is 15lbs and priced at $13.99 here at Tulsa Grill Store.

Royal Oak Chef's Select Hardwood Briquettes

Royal Oak Chef’s Select Hardwood Briquettes